2020 - Personal Websites are back

My new years resolution to bring my website back. High hopes for 2020

Another decade just started. No – please don't argue with me about that. It's 2020 and I call this the start of the 20s. It's a good time to mess up old concetions a bit. in the 2010s we got used to big companies like twitter and facebook being our main channel of communication, But as useful as these tools are, they lack a certain bit of roughness around the edges. Websites did become slick, optimized and a little bit boring.

The gritty, anachistic and creative websites of the 90s are just a fond memory. But we see people around the world becoming edgy and starting fun little side projects. Or as Dustin Senos pointed out so nicely.

2020 is the year for personal websites.

The urge for a new movement of a decentralized web is growing. We gonna see a lot of projects, personal websites, gritty experiments and technology emerge. I am looking forward to it!

This here is my personal space and like every year I am going to start a new attemnt to bring it back to life. Keep your fingers crossed. But more importantly: Get your editor of choice out and create your own little nook in this weared and wonderful space.

Let the roaring 20s begin.